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  • IDTech – Indoor Activities

    IDTech – Indoor Activities

    Not only does school look much different this year, but what about the impact on life at home? If kids aren’t going into classrooms, that means they are learning from home. And, if they’re home, they need something to do when classes are done.

  • Playlist – Lego Foundation

    Playlist – Lego Foundation

    Explore fun learning through play activities designed to help children develop skills for life.

  • It’s always autumn

    It’s always autumn

    In case you’re also looking for some simple, easy ideas that will keep your kids busy on days you’re cooped up inside, here are 50 indoor kid crafts and activities.

  • National Videogame Museum – At home!

    National Videogame Museum – At home!

    The following activities are all about dipping your toes into game creation.
    These aren’t huge, 27-step guides on making the next AAA RPG, but are an entry point into game making. Explore our video tutorials and PDF guides to free game making tools and ideas to get you making your own amazing games!

  • Indy’s Child – 70 things to do

    Indy’s Child – 70 things to do

    If you are looking for some fun things to do with kids while you’re stuck at home, here are some ideas.

  • Wildlife Trust

    Wildlife Trust

    We absolutely love wildlife – and bet you do too! Wildlife Watch is here for kids that can’t get enough of exploring the great outdoors or those desperate to find out a bit more about the weird and wonderful creatures we share our world with. It’s part of The Wildlife Trusts, who look after lots of awesome places for wildlife and run hundreds of events each year in the UK.

  • DIY Kids Activities

    DIY Kids Activities

    Test out these DIY projects that’ll bust boredom for good.

  • Beat the boredom

    Beat the boredom

    When the long-awaited 6-weeks school holiday starts, kids are a bundle of joy and excitement at the prospect of what fun it will bring.

  • David Do Money – Time outside

    David Do Money – Time outside

    Half terms and school holidays might seem like an age for parents, especially when children keep complaining that they are bored. But often, despite our best intentions, the summer passes too quickly and we don’t get that much done.

  • Dirt is good

    Dirt is good

    Hooray for the summer holidays! School’s out and the sun is shining… Well, at least some of the time! But what are you and the kids going to do with all those weeks to fill? There’s only so much reading a child can do, and maybe yours haven’t quite reached that stage yet. It’s time to get organized and think about summer activities for kids.