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  • Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems!

    Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems!

    Mo Willems, who is best known for his books “The Pigeon Has to Go to School!” “I Will Take a Nap!” and “Knufflebunny,” has announced that he will be live streaming “Lunch Doodles” videos every weekday at 1 p.m. EST from his own house. The video sessions will be shared on the Kennedy Center’s YouTube account as well as on their website.

  • Myleen’s Music Klass

    Myleen’s Music Klass

    Free, live music classes with Myleene on her YouTube channel. Children can play along with whatever they can find a home.

  • Norfolk Music Hub

    Norfolk Music Hub

    A collection of online learning resources and activities to support all children and young people to keep learning and making music from home.

  • Oxford Owl for Home

    Oxford Owl for Home

    Expert advice, educational resources and free eBooks to support children’s learning at primary school and at home, from Oxford University Press.

  • Pobble365


    One picture. One teaching resource. Every day.

  • Primary Resources

    Primary Resources

    Free lesson plans, activity ideas and resources for primary teachers and educators.

  • Purple Mash by 2Simple

    Purple Mash by 2Simple

    Purple Mash is a website designed for children aged 3-11. It contains many creative tools ie: coding, animation, publishing, art and also applications for maths, spelling and grammar. Teachers can ‘set work’ for children easily then view / comment on completed files. It also contains thousands of topic based activities. Serial Mash gives you a whole library of e-books and corresponding activities. Both can be used on any tablet or computer with a web browser.

  • Roald Dahl

    Roald Dahl

    The next few weeks are going to be a little bit different. So, in the meantime, we’ve put everything we can think of that might help distract you, entertain you or just cheer you up on this page right here. For teachers, all our lesson plans are just below, and they’re packed with resources that you might find useful while your class are at home.

  • Scouts


    The Great Indoors. We know the coming days and weeks are going to be difficult for families across the UK, as the spread of Covid-19 causes schools to close. As the experts in developing skills and bringing adventure to young people, we want to do what we can to help.

    While we normally love the great outdoors, we’ve pulled together some inspired indoor activity ideas (if we do say so ourselves). Keep your kids learning new skills and having fun (and avoid hearing ‘I’m bored’ every 30 seconds) all in #TheGreatIndoors.

  • Stage Milk

    Stage Milk

    Whether you’re a drama teacher, director, or running a course, acting games are a fantastic tool. They help students get comfortable, warmed up and focused. Acting games also develop important skills required for acting and performing.