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  • Gareth Malone’s Great British Home Chorus

    Gareth Malone’s Great British Home Chorus

    Join Gareth Malone and various guest choirs to sing along with.

  • My Home My Museum

    My Home My Museum

    So our museums and galleries are closed, and while we’re really sad about it, we want to turn this negative into a positive and hand the reins over to you!

  • Tate Kids

    Tate Kids

    Play free games and quizzes, find art activities, explore homework help and share your art with Tate Kids. The best art website for kids.

  • Creative Kids – Design Week

    Creative Kids – Design Week

    Family life in lockdown has been tough for many, but designers and the wider creative community have rallied throughout to develop creativity-led resources, activities and initiatives to ease pressure on parents and carers – here’s our favourites.

  • Bears Activity Cave

    Bears Activity Cave

    Choose your adventure: Draw, make, challenge or write.

  • Girl Guiding – Adventures at Home

    Girl Guiding – Adventures at Home

    Being an adventurer is a state of mind – it’s being brave and determined, supporting others and finding fun in everything we do. And it doesn’t need to stop just because we’re staying indoors.

  • Write to unite

    Write to unite

    The world is a scary place at the moment. Social distancing, coupled with uncertainty, has made our lives very isolated very quickly. The news is constantly updating us on Covid-19; there’s no escaping it. Write To Unite has been created to combat this – we want children and adults of all ages to share stories and poems with the world. Let’s send messages of hope and positivity, to cut through the doom and gloom.

  • Harry Potter – Learning Resources

    Harry Potter – Learning Resources

    In this blog you will find resources to help you do some home-learning with the wonderfully bewitching theme of Harry Potter. These activities are designed to be easy to resource, fun (hopefully!) and best of all, to provide some solid educational value in line with what your children should be learning at school.

  • Lego Life Forms

    Lego Life Forms

    Calling all budding astrobiologists! Your mission The LEGO Group and the Natural History Museum are challenging you to predict what life could look like in other parts of the universe.

  • British Library – Children’s Books

    British Library – Children’s Books

    Explore centuries of stories, poems and illustrations with Discovering Children’s Books. For children, teachers and book-lovers of all ages.