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  • The show must go on!

    The show must go on!

    Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber is calling all musical lovers! Starting this Friday, we’ll be releasing a full-length, smash-hit musical once a week for you to watch for free!

  • Easter Plant Labels

    Good Housekeeping – Easter

    Traditional Easter egg hunts with candy, treats, and money, while fun, leave little to the imagination. If the Easter Bunny (ahem, you) wants to get creative this year, consider one of these unique Easter egg hunt ideas to encourage kids, adults, and everyone in between to forget about sweets and cash — for a few minutes, at least — by hunting for missing puzzle pieces, golden tickets, and glow-in-the-dark eggs instead. And if your family is less competitive, then consider giving everyone a participation trophy as a testament to their hard work as well as a reminder of the fun-filled day. Who knows, one of these indoor or outdoor egg hunt ideas may even start a new family tradition for the Easter Sundays to come.

  • Easter Eggs

    Activity Village – Easter

    Activity Village has a huge selection of Easter activities for you to enjoy with your kids, including colouring pages, printables, jokes, crafts and puzzles! Explore below.

  • John Lewis – Best Easter Crafts For Kids

    John Lewis – Best Easter Crafts For Kids

    From home-made Easter hats to bunny bunting, here are five fun ideas to keep the kids occupied this Easter

  • Hobby Craft Easter Crafts

    Hobby Craft Easter Crafts

    Discover everything you need to craft a happy Easter for all the family! From creating spectacular seasonal centrepieces and spring wreaths to prepping for the Easter egg hunt and kids’ craft activities, you won’t need to go hunting for supplies – we’ve got you covered.

  • 12 Lockdown Easter Activities

    12 Lockdown Easter Activities

    Across social media, groups have been springing up with families embracing lockdown and sharing their amazing and creative ideas to keep everyone entertained. So here are some brilliant things to do in lockdown with a mixture of ideas you can do as a family for keepsakes, activities just for fun plus some Easter-themed crafts.

  • English Heritage – This Easter

    English Heritage – This Easter

    Adventurers are needed to discover hidden treasure this Easter. Improve your skills with our hands-on crafts and activities to make sure you are prepared for a journey into the past.

  • Bewilderwood – Keep your twiggles busy

    Bewilderwood – Keep your twiggles busy

    If you’re looking to keep your Twiggles busy at home, we’ve created some lovely learning activities for you. We’ll be posting lots of twiggletastic activities on this page!

  • Make Belief Comix

    Make Belief Comix

    Create your own Comix strip – it’s easy and fun! Empowering your kids to express their ideas and stories in comix book form.

  • Healeys Printers

    Healeys Printers

    Here are a range of activity resources for all the family to enjoy. There are colouring pictures right through to recipes for treats and meals that can be made and devoured together! We hope to add more content in the coming days and weeks so keep checking the site.