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  • Wildlife Watch

    Wildlife Watch

    These activity sheets are great for helping you complete the Wildlife Watch awards. We’ve put icons next to each activity to help you choose the best ones for each award.

  • The Jolly Postman

    The Jolly Postman

    Teachers’ notes, interactive PowerPoints and activity ideas to make links between the fictional narrative of The Jolly Postman and the real history of the post.

  • NASA – What the Hubble Telescope sees on your birthday

    NASA – What the Hubble Telescope sees on your birthday

    Hubble explores the universe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means it has observed some fascinating cosmic wonder every day of the year, including on your birthday. What did Hubble look at on your birthday? Enter the month and date below to find out! Then share the results with your friends on social media using #Hubble30.

  • Tutankhamun


    As the exhibition remains closed until further notice we have created a short taster video tour which includes a selection of our favourite artefacts, that you can take from home! We know it’s not the same as seeing them in real life, but we hope you enjoy, and stay tuned as, over the next few days we’ll explore the artefacts included in detail.

  • Hamilton Home Learning Packs

    Hamilton Home Learning Packs

    Hamilton are providing free packs for English and maths for each year group. We’ll add new weekly packs on a rolling basis for as long as needed. For advice about working at home with children and for more detail of Hamilton materials click here.

  • Learn about the Countryside – Lincolnshire Showground

    Learn about the Countryside – Lincolnshire Showground

    The Lincolnshire Agricultural Society education team have been working hard over the last few weeks to create educational home learning activities and resources for parents to use when children are at home during this time. These activities are based around the topics of food, farming, the countryside and the environment.

  • Discover Wildlife

    Discover Wildlife

  • Teach Your Monster To Read

    Teach Your Monster To Read

    The groundbreaking game that makes learning to read fun. Covers everything from letters and sounds to reading full sentences. Designed in collaboration with leading academics. Complements all synthetic phonics programmes used in schools. Computer version is 100% free.

  • Met Office

    Met Office

    Our lesson plans and supporting resources cover five key themes that bring learning to life.

  • Africa Alive

    Africa Alive

    The gates are closed, but the animals (and their keepers) must continue their dedicated work. Click the logo to see a range of live videos from the keepers on site, showing many of the animals in the zoo which visitors miss so much, including Zebra, Gambian Pouch Rat and White Rhino! You can also hear updates from over 80 species, from the ‘smallest’ Giant African Land Snail to the Reticulated Giraffe