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  • LTA Youth Home Tennis Training

    LTA Youth Home Tennis Training

    LTA Youth isn’t just about tennis; it’s about kids developing mentally and physically on and importantly, off the court.
    Tennis at Home Exercises – short videos containing tennis exercises.
    Activity Cards – fun, simple activities including colouring, word searches and quizzes.
    Personal Development Challenges – to explore and develop qualities such as resilience, perseverance, passion and respect.
    Learning Activities – tennis-themed school lesson activities including numeracy, literacy, geography and science.

  • Mum in the mad house

    Mum in the mad house

    Sharing tips to make parenting a little less insane – from one mad house to another.

  • One You – NHS

    One You – NHS

    What you eat, and how much, is so important for your health and your waistline. Try these easy ways to eat better every day.

  • My Mind – Rise Above

    My Mind – Rise Above

    We’ve got tips on gaining confidence, blasting anxiety and general life stuff from the people who’ve been there. Remember, we’re in this thing called life together!

  • Young Minds

    Young Minds

    Coronavirus advise and mental health support.

  • The British Red Cross – The power in kindness

    The British Red Cross – The power in kindness

    The power of kindness calendar helps children and young people learn about and carry out kind acts. There are different sets of kindness activities for both primary school children and secondary school students. For younger learners, facilitators and children will think of kind acts they can do during the month and add them to the blank calendar. For example, they could be more helpful at home, write to a relative or think about how they can safely help someone in the community. For older learners the activities can be carried out individually or together as a family.

  • Empathy Lab – Family Activities

    Empathy Lab – Family Activities

    Empathy Day may be over for another year but you can still enjoy all the empathy boosting activities in our Family Activities Pack. The activities cover Empathy Day’s three themes – Read, Connect, Act – but can be done in any order, with just some scrap paper and a pen or pencil.

  • Diverse Dance Mix

    Diverse Dance Mix

    Diverse Dance Mix – A fun and entertaining dance fitness program by Darcey Bussell for both the adult market and Primary School PE lessons.

  • Do yoga with me

    Do yoga with me

    For kids and families, classes are a perfect blend of yoga and fun!

  • Paw Print Family – Free Resources

    Paw Print Family – Free Resources

    We’re committed to saving you time and we don’t just mean with our Challenge Packs! All our resources are and always will be free of charge. Perfect for planning meetings and tracking all those achievements as you go along; dive in, help yourselves and if there’s anything else you’d like to see here just drop us a message!