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  • Eyeyah!


    EYEYAH! is an educational platform that uses eye-catching artworks and illustrations to create engaging learning materials for children.

  • The Space Gal

    The Space Gal

    During my Coronavirus quarantine I made a bunch of videos showcasing experiments you can do with materials you probably have lying around your house. Find them all on the “Science Experiments to do at Home” playlist.

  • First Group – Buses of activities

    First Group – Buses of activities

    Stuck for some ideas of how to entertain the children during COVID-19 lockdown? Here are some free activities created by ourselves and others for you to print at home to keep them amused.

  • Children’s Guide to the coronavirus

    Children’s Guide to the coronavirus

    There have been big changes in our lives because of coronavirus. Schools have closed and we have to stay at home. So, coronavirus is probably making your life feel really different right now. All these changes might make you feel scared or worried. That’s OK. It’s totally normal to feel like this. We are going to: Answer your questions about coronavirus Tell you how to stay safe and protect other people Help you make the best of your time at home

  • Lululemon – At home classes

    Lululemon – At home classes

    Creating components for people to live long, healthy and fun lives.

  • Learn to juggle

    Learn to juggle

    A wise juggler once said that nobody ever teaches someone how to juggle; they simply show someone how to teach themselves. The role of the teacher then is more to encourage than to instruct. Still, by breaking things down into the simplest process, you can set someone up for success.

  • Stop Motion with Tinkerlab

    Stop Motion with Tinkerlab

    If you want to introduce your child to stop motion animation, this post is written for you. I’ll show you how to do this with an iPad or similar device, and you’ll be making your first movie in minutes.

  • Make a Bird Feeder

    Make a Bird Feeder

    On this episode of Mary Pop’s In with Mary Greene, Mary shows the kiddos how to make simple bird feeders from old toilet paper rolls.

  • Plantlife – Nature Activities for Lockdown

    Plantlife – Nature Activities for Lockdown

    Looking for some fun but educational activities for the kids during lockdown?

  • Chandos Atelier – Crafternoons

    Chandos Atelier – Crafternoons

    Our Crafternoon Packs are carefully curated sets of materials to encourage exploration and invention