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  • Poetry Games

    Poetry Games

    Some kids love poetry. Their eyes light up when they get the chance to compose their own verses. But for others, poems are met with groans and grumbles. That’s where these fun poetry games and activities come in. Kids will be surprised at how accessible and meaningful poetry can be, no matter their age or interests.

  • Family Fitness TV

    Family Fitness TV

    Strength and fitness coach for premiership footballers and Olympic gold medallists, Neil Parsley is using his 25 years’ experience to get families across Merseyside off the couch and into a regular fitness routine with his YouTube channel, Family Fitness TV.

  • Easy Paper Monster & Owl Corner Bookmarks

    Easy Paper Monster & Owl Corner Bookmarks

    Easy Monster Bookmark Corner DIY. Learn how to make a Corner Bookmark Monster! Easy and Simple. These Paper Corner Bookmarks are super easy to make, look fun and are super quirky.

  • Nature Photography at home

    Nature Photography at home

    As nature photographers, the global lockdown we are now faced with is stopping us from getting out with our cameras. Whether this is your hobby or profession, losing this creative release is not making things any easier.

  • Gus on the go

    Gus on the go

    Learn Spanish, French, Greek and Hebrew by diving into a classic story with a silly twist. Meet new characters, make them move and explore a new language with a fun and familiar story

  • Make origami

    Make origami

    Origami animals are a popular choice of origami. They’re fun to fold and it’s really cool to see them begin to take shape and look like their real-life counterparts. There are instructions for various origami animals so just choose your favourite one and start folding.

  • Lockdown Lunches

    Lockdown Lunches

    Cheap eats for lockdown weeks, free school meal vouchers to spend? Struggling for meal inspiration with the kids at home at the moment? We’ve got you covered with our simple lunch ideas.

    Complete with its own shopping list, each set of recipes contains 5 easy, tasty lunches for around £15. Check out 3 weeks’ worth of recipes now, plus ideas and inspiration for ways to keep fresh until they can safely return back to school.

  • Partnerships for children – Wellbeing

    Partnerships for children – Wellbeing

    During the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re all feeling less secure and missing our usual routines. But just as doing exercise improves physical health, you and your child can do activities to boost their mental health.

    These activities are based on our Skills for Life programmes. Use them to help your child find healthy ways to deal with their feelings and reactions to the Covid-19 situation.

  • The Dad Lab

    The Dad Lab

    One dad shares his lockdown activities and learnings with videos.

  • Science Sparks

    Science Sparks

    Mum of 4 creating FREE creative science ideas perfect for school or home.