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  • Family Dance Workshops

    Family Dance Workshops

    Take part in fun family dance workshops designed for children aged 2 to 6 years (and big kids too!) Learn how to balance, move like your favourite animal, and dance the way colours make you feel. There are 10 different movement activities for children and their grown-ups to follow at home. The sessions are designed for children aged 2 to 6 years but many of the activities offer a fun challenge for older primary school children too.

  • Young Minds

    Young Minds

    Coronavirus advise and mental health support.

  • Papercraft projects

    Papercraft projects

    It’s time to get crafty with paper. Lots of ideas to get creative with paper!

  • Home skoolin’ with the Nincompoops

    Home skoolin’ with the Nincompoops

    Clever grown-ups, Andy and Carrie, present to you, The Not Clever Young People of Today, a series of short daily lectures in order to get you some learnin’. From the geniuses behind hit podcast, “Ask the Nincompoops”. You should listen to that. After you’ve watched this.

  • Wonderland-themed escape room

    Wonderland-themed escape room

    Welcome to our Wonderland-themed Digital Escape Room! It is based on the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. Also referenced are movie adaptations of the book–Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland and Alice in Wonderland, see Credits below.

  • Reading Rocks at Home

    Reading Rocks at Home

    Book based learning led by Reading Rocks. This lesson uses the non-fiction book The World of the Whale by Smriti Prassadam-Halls, illustrated by Jonathon Woodward, to introduce children to maths topics including; ordering lengths, scale and conversions.

  • Cirque du Soleil at home

    Cirque du Soleil at home

    We have something special for our fans! Since you cannot come to us, we’re coming to you with a #CirqueConnect hour-long special. Enjoy a front-row seat to awe-inspiring moments of the larger-than-life shows of KURIOS – Cabinet

  • All the Virtual Tours

    All the Virtual Tours

    Explore the world at your fingertips…. Here’s a comprehensive list of virtual tours you can take with your children, adventure all over the world from the confines of your own home. A fantastic resource to have whilst we push our way through the current pandemic. A wealth of travel, geographical and historical knowledge to incorporate into your days…..

  • Explore live cams around the world

    Explore live cams around the world

    Watch amazing livestreams from around the world from the watering holes in Africa to Osprey nests. All from the comfort of your very own home!

  • Yellowstone National Park Livestream

    Yellowstone National Park Livestream

    Nine webcams—one live-streaming and eight static—provide views of the current conditions around the North Entrance and Mammoth Hot Springs, Mount Washburn, the West Entrance, and the Upper Geyser Basin. Unfamiliar with the park? Check on the location map to see where each webcam is located.